Nov. 9, 2021

Writing Workshops and First Chapters

Writing Workshops and First Chapters

Hello and welcome to Unleash Your Creative Magic. The podcast to help you start writing or finish the project you're working on.

This week I'm chatting about writing workshops and the advantages of attending them, I'm also giving you my insights into what your first chapter should or maybe should not contain.

I talk about the wonderful I Am In Print who host fab workshops for writers and you can find them here....
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I listened to a fabulous workshop held by the amazing literary agent Juliet Mushens about the author/agent dynamics....
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I've been working with the most amazing life coach Gabby Secomb Flegg who has literally whipped my but and taken my business to a whole new level and you can find Gabby here, you really should follow her she is a powerhouse of information and inspiration.
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Finally, if you'd like to check out my credentials you can find me over on Instagram, Facebook or Amazon....
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